Welcome to the new RRHA of Illinois web site

2020 brought many challenges to all of us, both personally and professionally. Whether having to put off visits with family and friends, or having to make adjustments in how you have contact with your residents, these times are like nothing we’ve faced before in our lifetime. One thing I believe that has been a positive during the past 12 months besides the binging of great series on Netflix has been the time we have had to rethink our lives, to think on our futures, to reconnect with people and ways that we might not have otherwise been able to. For a small Association such as ours though, it has been tough. Missing out on planning our Annual Conference after 15 years of doing so was different for one. I have grown very fond of these couple of days each year of learning together, of celebrating the accomplishments of our membership, and sharing laughs with so many of you. This past year has made me realize we need alternative ways to communicate and share thoughts, ask questions, and search for valuable information in our industry. Part of that challenge I hope will be solved by the creation of this new web site. Whether through continuing blogs, taking polls, and reaching out to others in the same industry, it is my hope that we will grow in knowledge and find common goals in how to make our businesses stronger, more cost effective, and most importantly, more streamlined with less confusion.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new RRHA of Illinois web site

  1. Looking for housing in the Hoopeston and surrounding area. Would like 3+ bedroom. I am a mother of 4 children needing a fresh start. Please let me know if you have anything in our area.


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